Capt Log #7- Play of the Century

17 Aug 2016 6:03 PM | Anonymous member

I’m  back, actually never went anywhere just got lazy and the material dried up. Thought about writing about the exploits of our young marvel hero’s in the after hours but realised it would take way too long. So I’ll stick to the footy.

After a 5 week break for yours truly, I couldn’t make the South Exmouth game at Kingsway. Apparently there football ovals do not recover like the MAKO’s do and the oval needed extra rest as it was going to have a WAFL game there. From all accounts our boys did rip it up a bit.

The Marvel boys were to say the least RUSTY! For a young upstart, Ads to get one of the plays of the day typified the situation. Thanks Ads for the carton that Prof X put on it was superb. 3 bounces and sold the candy, won’t go into detail on how he got caught, shanked the kick and turned it over but the 3 bounces and candy was great to watch. Ahh but this was not the play of the century!!!!!!

Our day was slow to start, stayed slow but had a sprinkling of brilliance added to keep all the spectators interested. Actually Wilkes left at half time and Supermans(Apples) wife didn’t see him get a kick let alone kick a goal, so maybe it wasn’t all that good.

Sasqualch(Hairdo) and Lovers helped out an undermanned Kingsway team which allowed us to play. Thanks boys really appreciate. Especially the highlights that Sasqualch provided when he smashed Puck(Micky D) on his 3rd  pirouette and his strong marking. As someone pointed out if he was in our side he would have picked up best player.

It was also a game of firsts, Beast(Smithy) lasted the whole game, no injury. Cyclops(Kyle) joined in the domination around the ball, Crossbones(Rhino) slotted a brilliant goal running boundary side about 40m maybe 50m out. Pretty to watch. Another first is Ironman(Timmy) durability not being able to last more than 5 minutes in the frenetic pace of the masters. Puck not listening to the call of his Capt America by slipping in front of him to take a easy mark 10m from goal. Green Lantern(Budgie) spraying the ball 50m from target(sideways and up and down) normally such an accurate kick especially when in front of the goals.

The trusted and reliable ones were back in action and held up the fort. Hawkeye(Toddy) took a number of screamers and slotted the big ones when needed. Juggernault(Roughie) and the Destroyer(Bretto) did exactly that. As the game went on Kingpin(Kingy) decided he wanted in and made an immediate impact, taking on all that was in front of him.

We have had the team of the Century so why not the play of the Century.

As it is getting late I will keep it simple.

Hulk(Johno now 40 so he can play masters) rises through sheer anger over the opposition ruckman. Higher, higher he went until he found the ball, using his oversized and green hands he palms the ball straight to the architect of the play, his team Capt(also Author) Nick Fury. Fury catches it cleanly(yes even the opposition were amazed) he steps left, shimmys right and explodes through a gap so narrow only a super hero could squeeze through. He looks up in disbelief,.... still running and with the ball realises he must do something otherwise Hulk would smash him,... he sees a looming target, Hawkeye. Brilliant he’ll kick it to him, even a shit kick he will make it look great. So he blasted away, bang. Hit him. He turned lined it up as Hawkeye always did and nailed it. All over in 15seconds of the bounce down. Maybe that time wouldn’t have won me a medal in the 100m, he didn’t care he could have hung his boots up on that  play alone. Thanks Hulk and Hawkeye, it’s great to have mates that make you look good. Thanks to all our Marvel Hero’s it is an honour to run with you all out on the field each fortnight, 5 weeks or to train with you.

Thanks to Crossbones(Rhino) for taking the jumpers. Thanks to all the boys for helping out on the day young and old.

Country Carnival coming up SATURDAY 27th August
Get your name on the board and help out on the day.
We will be doing the usual wheelbarrow of grog. It raised $600 last carnival.
If everyone could bring down 6pack of beer, wine etc that would be great.
All hands on deck, day starts early with lots of jobs to be completed before teams arrive.

Hope to see everyone down the club this Wednesday and we also have awards(Chocolate wheel, free sausage sizzle, great drink prices, great atmosphere, live AFL action on TV) on Friday Night. B there or B square..........!

Matty Smith

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