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  • 17 Aug 2016 6:03 PM | Anonymous member

    I’m  back, actually never went anywhere just got lazy and the material dried up. Thought about writing about the exploits of our young marvel hero’s in the after hours but realised it would take way too long. So I’ll stick to the footy.

    After a 5 week break for yours truly, I couldn’t make the South Exmouth game at Kingsway. Apparently there football ovals do not recover like the MAKO’s do and the oval needed extra rest as it was going to have a WAFL game there. From all accounts our boys did rip it up a bit.

    The Marvel boys were to say the least RUSTY! For a young upstart, Ads to get one of the plays of the day typified the situation. Thanks Ads for the carton that Prof X put on it was superb. 3 bounces and sold the candy, won’t go into detail on how he got caught, shanked the kick and turned it over but the 3 bounces and candy was great to watch. Ahh but this was not the play of the century!!!!!!

    Our day was slow to start, stayed slow but had a sprinkling of brilliance added to keep all the spectators interested. Actually Wilkes left at half time and Supermans(Apples) wife didn’t see him get a kick let alone kick a goal, so maybe it wasn’t all that good.

    Sasqualch(Hairdo) and Lovers helped out an undermanned Kingsway team which allowed us to play. Thanks boys really appreciate. Especially the highlights that Sasqualch provided when he smashed Puck(Micky D) on his 3rd  pirouette and his strong marking. As someone pointed out if he was in our side he would have picked up best player.

    It was also a game of firsts, Beast(Smithy) lasted the whole game, no injury. Cyclops(Kyle) joined in the domination around the ball, Crossbones(Rhino) slotted a brilliant goal running boundary side about 40m maybe 50m out. Pretty to watch. Another first is Ironman(Timmy) durability not being able to last more than 5 minutes in the frenetic pace of the masters. Puck not listening to the call of his Capt America by slipping in front of him to take a easy mark 10m from goal. Green Lantern(Budgie) spraying the ball 50m from target(sideways and up and down) normally such an accurate kick especially when in front of the goals.

    The trusted and reliable ones were back in action and held up the fort. Hawkeye(Toddy) took a number of screamers and slotted the big ones when needed. Juggernault(Roughie) and the Destroyer(Bretto) did exactly that. As the game went on Kingpin(Kingy) decided he wanted in and made an immediate impact, taking on all that was in front of him.

    We have had the team of the Century so why not the play of the Century.

    As it is getting late I will keep it simple.

    Hulk(Johno now 40 so he can play masters) rises through sheer anger over the opposition ruckman. Higher, higher he went until he found the ball, using his oversized and green hands he palms the ball straight to the architect of the play, his team Capt(also Author) Nick Fury. Fury catches it cleanly(yes even the opposition were amazed) he steps left, shimmys right and explodes through a gap so narrow only a super hero could squeeze through. He looks up in disbelief,.... still running and with the ball realises he must do something otherwise Hulk would smash him,... he sees a looming target, Hawkeye. Brilliant he’ll kick it to him, even a shit kick he will make it look great. So he blasted away, bang. Hit him. He turned lined it up as Hawkeye always did and nailed it. All over in 15seconds of the bounce down. Maybe that time wouldn’t have won me a medal in the 100m, he didn’t care he could have hung his boots up on that  play alone. Thanks Hulk and Hawkeye, it’s great to have mates that make you look good. Thanks to all our Marvel Hero’s it is an honour to run with you all out on the field each fortnight, 5 weeks or to train with you.

    Thanks to Crossbones(Rhino) for taking the jumpers. Thanks to all the boys for helping out on the day young and old.

    Country Carnival coming up SATURDAY 27th August
    Get your name on the board and help out on the day.
    We will be doing the usual wheelbarrow of grog. It raised $600 last carnival.
    If everyone could bring down 6pack of beer, wine etc that would be great.
    All hands on deck, day starts early with lots of jobs to be completed before teams arrive.

    Hope to see everyone down the club this Wednesday and we also have awards(Chocolate wheel, free sausage sizzle, great drink prices, great atmosphere, live AFL action on TV) on Friday Night. B there or B square..........!

    Matty Smith

  • 23 Jun 2016 6:52 PM | Anonymous member
    Professor X had his rousing gee up message before the start of the game,’ play like heros.’ And we did.

    Within 3 minutes of bounce down one Daisy pusher took on the Hulk(Johno) and was well and truly buried. Such was the fright of this maligned Warnbro butterfly that his clinched fists would not let go of Hulks jumper. So the umpire gave them yellow cards and asked the hulk to escort the wounded butterfly from the field. As they left the field the ump commented ‘while you are there do not come on until you have returned to your natural colour.’

    The cage was rattled and away we went. The Juggernaut(Roughie) swung into the ruck like he was meant to be there. He battled tirelessly(true he did, but it only took him 3minutes to be tired) and delivered the ball to his followers repeatedly. Nick Fury(Matty) Capt America(BJ),Dark Knight(Shimma) and Ironman(Timmy) went to work and began the feeding frenzy in our forward line. One of our newest recruits Kingpin(Kingy) slotted in beautifully and stamped his mark on the game with his PINpoint passing.

    Cannonball(Kyle) unleashed himself onto the game and kicked himself his first goal for the Makos. The dam had burst and our boys were lining up to kick goals from everywhere. Superman(Apples)dropped in and kicked one from the back pocket, while the Green Lanterns(Budgies) poor kicking in front of the sticks continued. Puck(Micky D) held his side of the bargain up with the help of Exiter(Tilt) and didn’t let the ball out of the forward line.

    The Human Torch (Corps) dominated the rebound footy that Warnbro tried time after time. In the end they handed him the ball and as it was too hot to handle.

    Iceman(Johno Small) and Spiderman(Knobbsey) ran and ran. Actually at one stage at the quarter time break we sent Silver Surfer(Disco) who ran water for us, out to get them to come in and listen to what Prof X had to say.

    Welcome to our Newest member young Black Panther(Fossey-after his time as a Panther in Pingelly-Brookton) he slowly(operative word)accustomised himself to our enhanced game style and began to contribute. 

    All round it was a dominating affair with our boys hogging the kicks for fun.

    Thanks to our Supers and Seniors whom helped us fill a side I hope you enjoyed the experience. Not everyday you get to play footy with Superheros is it.

    Thanks to our water boys Silver Surfer(Matty Disco) and Hulk Jnr(Trent)

    Thanks Prof X for sorting our team board with our code names.

    Thanks Capt America for taking home the jumpers. Not sure Mrs Capt America will be too happy with some of those muddied jumpers.

    Get on board boys enjoy the club and what it has to offer. Friday Nights are pumping with lots of money given away last week and birthday celebrations galour. This Friday is Curry in a hurry. Let Channy know what you can bring and if you couldn’t bring anything for the soup night, here is your chance. Nothing like a lovely curry, a few beers and lots of laughs after a light training run to finish the week. Bring the family and make a night of it. See you all there.

    Matty Smith
  • 25 May 2016 9:18 PM | Anonymous member
    After the naming of the Team of the Century the wait list to join our ranks is swelling. Men are turning up to games late just to get to run our legendary team. Professor X was madly trying to weave his magic on the board and manipulate players minds to do the unthinkable, let these wannabes in for a game. Young Hercules(BT), Toad(Toad) and Cannonball(Russell) ran the gauntlet and passed with flying colours. 
    We welcomed our newest members to the team Cyclops(Kyle)and Crossbones(Ryno)
    Once again we were in a league of our own. 
    Green Lantern was able to kick a 50 maybe 60m goal out of his Green Lantern ring. Utilising its power to bend back the ball enough for it to bounce through the goals and then back into play, AMAZING.
    A man we initially tarred with the Superman brush until it was realised it was the BEAST. Beast came through to spoil a ball with a 2 fist crunch and nearly took the head off his own teammate Daredevil who too, was tracking the ball.
    As THE THING was trying to trim the fat by playing in the centre, the Juggernaut stole the show. A man not know for his tight turning circles or passing the ball he excelled in one. Yes he passed the ball a short 20m kick. All day he had been mopping up anything thrown his way and bombing it long and suddenly like he had an epiphany, he passed it. 
    The young and extremely vibrant Nick Fury popped up with the mark of the century(for him) as he thought at the last minute he might as well pull in the ball that was flying some 4 feet over his head with one arm. Not sure if this is one of his powers but it certainly thrilled the large crowd whom had come to watch him and his merry men.
    Thanks again to our usual suspects of older, more experience heros, Daredevil, Hercules, Robin, Red Skull you were brilliant. 
    The young punks whom keep stepping up Green Lantern, Superman, Toad and Cannonball as time is your friend we eagerly await your graduation from Supers to the real Marvel Hero’s.
    Our supporter’s it was all for you. We train 2 nights a week. Endure the rath of Kingpin(Kingy) at training week after week just to make you proud. The stumble, limp, bruises, blood and tears the day after and how you pick us up and say ‘get over it’, ‘toughen up’, ‘what are you complaining about I had the kids all day’, .....thank you. Love you Becci(Superwoman)

    Matty Smith
  • 12 May 2016 10:09 PM | Anonymous member

    Last round I was bitterly disappointed with my pre-game spiel. So I went to a higher power and entrusted them with our Mighty Marvel Makos. It worked.The gods answered in delivering superpowers not seen on the football field this century, actually ever. The deeds, superpowers and alike were so numerous that we looked better than the most well drilled AFL teams(actually at one stage we only had 1 player in the backline so I think we trumped some of those teams) The mighty TASKMASTER wheeled his axe and flipped the board at each quarter extracting the best out of his league players. No one wanted to to be benched let alone play in the quiet and deserted backline. The game was thoroughly enjoyed by all especially those who have only just come off a long and sustained pre-season, QUICKSILVER.
    Lets see if we can utilise those powers and remember to bring down a 6-pack or bottle of wine to top up our wheelbarrow for our home game raffle.
    We have awards and the likes this Friday. COLLOSSUS has promised he will bring the fines tin and get off the toilet. I am sure he could print off a few Marvel characters and rack up a whole team of fines.
    Captain Matt

  • 04 Apr 2016 8:49 PM | Anonymous member
    Masters-Maybe Marvel Hero's a better name.Congratulations to all the new boys who pulled on the socks for what ended up being a very hot day. It was even worse on the field.Congratulations Toddy, Tommy, Loki(lovers) debut for the Makos.
    Thanks to Roughie for taking the jumpers. Jumpers need to taken after each game and washed. No body will have to do it twice. It is expected that everyone is to do it at least once.Thanks to Seniors, Victor, Eric the eel, Lloydy, Woody for supporting us so we could a breather. Actually you guys carried us for parts of the game.
    Many highlightsSpiderman- Apples Spinning his web to kick his goalCapt America-BJ 2 goals to win the game(sorry not win made the game more fun for him everyone around him)The Thing-Saxy merry dance around the opponent, the boy has some great moves.Professor X-Scud debut at coachMr Fantastic(stretch)Tex one hand markHulk-Johno ruck smash not tapFlash-Dan chase down of a dude some 20,..30 maybe even 50m awayIron Man-Timmy for the ferocious tackle on an unsuspecting opponentVictors drop mark we heard on the way home how annoyed you were Victor so I thought I better bring it upOur brilliant water runners
    Less than spectacular-my helicopter move that left me scattered all over the ground.the HEAT
    Thanks to all the boys whom played and helped out on the day.Thanks to Victor for the bus.

    Matt Smith
  • 20 Oct 2014 12:36 PM | Anonymous member

    Presidents Report October 18th 2014

    What a year the Mandurah Makos have had.

    The season started with the usual “Be Active” low impact personal trainer gathering at the Marina.

    This year has bought some great achievements and one not so great.

    Firstly , the club won the 2013 Metro Club of the Year presented at the annual WA Masters Hall of Fame Dinner held at Challenge Stadium in March. ( This is a very rewarding accolade for the club to have received ) .

    We are very lucky to have the facilities we have, this gives us the opportunity to host all the Metro Clubs at our home game, a big thanks to the City of Mandurah & the Peel Thunder Football Club for allowing us to use Rushton Park Main Oval.

    This has also put us in good stead for hosting the Country Carnival for the past couple of years which see 18 clubs from all over WA participating. Both days are a good way to inject some cash into the Mako account. ( Thankyou to all the volunteers who have made these days a great success. )

    The year also gave the club one of its darkest days as well, a game that was called off after the umpires had lost control of the game, a game that was analysed at WA Masters Board level, a game that cost both clubs a $1500 fine. I believe as a club we acted in the correct way after receiving the fine , we addressed the issue & going forward will be a better club for doing that.

    After several serious hand injuries, our Club have liaised with the COM about the lighting or should I say lack of, the City has identified this as a serious issue and should have this rectified for next year ( Fingers crossed ).

    The club is only a stone throw away from having its own Liquor License , this has been a very tedious process, a big thankyou to Tony Wilkey, Brad Dean & Grant Rogers for all their hard work to make this happen.

    The club is embarking on a new project, a joint venture with the Mandurah Centrals Junior Football Club. This project is extending the clubrooms towards Thomson St, in the form of an enclosed Patio. Plans have been submitted to the Shire, A big thanks to Tony Wilkey for his time and effort with the drawing up of the plans etc etc.

    Finally, I would like to thank the committee that I have been fortunate enough to serve with over the past 2 years as President & the 2 years I was Vice- President, your teamwork and contribution has made my role enjoyable and easier. Thankyou

    The football club is in a strong position both financially and is respected among the WA Masters Community.

    With the up and coming AGM, please consider a committee position, it is a great experience and it helps the club out tenfold.

    Once again thankyou

    Mark “ Hawka “ Lee

  • 23 Mar 2014 3:25 PM | Anonymous member

    Hi All,


    Last night was the AFL Masters Footballs Hall of Fame night held at Challenge Stadium.


    The Mako’s were well represented with 19 people attending, even better we rocked up in a Pink Hummer Limo much to the surprise of the people lining up for the event.


    Our club received the honour of being named Metro Club of the Year for 2013, a fantastic achievement.


    I would like to thank last year’s committee for all your hard work in making 2013 a terrific year for the club, not to mention all the Members, Players, Wives, Partners & kids for volunteering your time last year no matter how big/small your contribution was, THANKYOU. You can already see the same trend this year.


    A person who should be receiving the most accolades is our Club Delegate / Supers Coach Rob “ Coxy “ Cox.

    Coxy represents the club with the upmost distinction , he lives & breathes for the Mandurah Mako’s, and his contribution goes way beyond what is expected as a volunteer.


    Well done Coxy.


    We received a plaque to put up on the clubroom wall, as well as the respect & acknowledgement of the clubs that attended last night.


    The trip home in the hummer was upbeat, with Hairdo Hummer surfing and providing the entertainment.


    Lastly ,a big thankyou to all who attended last night.



    Mark "Hawka" Lee


    Peel AFL Masters Football Club

    0437 805 080

  • 26 Jan 2014 11:11 AM | Anonymous member



    Next Friday night (5.30pm) “THE BALLS ARE OUT” and we get stuck into pre-season for the 27th year of Makos footy. Whether you wear boots or runners is your choice remembering you have 6 weeks before Round One.


    I’d expect the fixtures to be out in the next month but you can lock in Round One Sunday 30th March, Round Two Sunday 13th April then a three week break for Easter & Anzac Day long weekends.


    For those that have previously travelled and those considering the 2014 National Carnival will be held in Adelaide for 9 days from the 27th September with the arrival function/AFL Grand Final on that day. WA is hoping this year to field 5 teams in each age group and interest is high after a successful 2013. It is expected that in March you will be given the chance to register and like previous years its first in best dressed (24/25 players per team maximum). Darwin travellers will get a window of 24-48 hrs to register prior to it being opened to everyone. It would be great to see some new Makos and full Supers and Seniors sides in 2014.    


    Dates to remember:


    Intraclub: Friday the 7th March (also be the REGISTRATION/MEMBERSHIP NIGHT)


    Scratch Match vs Rockingham: Sunday 16th March (Rushton Park - times to be advised)


    Round One – Sunday 30th March (times and location to be advised)




    Rob Cox

    Mandurah Makos – Club Delegate/Supers Coach

    0487 693 323

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